Developing the business and open up new markets with the help of an Interim Manager

A service company in Finland, with a new business idea, was growing fast. Therefore they wished to map the Swedish market, ahead of a possible establishment in Sweden. They chose an interim solution instead of the classic management consulting.

Prior to this decision, the company considered to hire a management consultant. However, they agreed that hands-on experience is important and that an individual should preferably be located in Sweden, in order to do the mapping of the Swedish market.
– Our motto is to deliver the right product, at the right place, at the right time. By engaging an interim manager, we should get the same benefits, explains the company’s CEO.
– With the interim we got an experienced pro who was dedicated to the project full time, instead of someone that did this beside their regular job. If we want the company to develop, we must invest in resources!
Another advantage of the interim solution was that the same person could later be responsible for the implementation.

Nordic Interim were our sounding board when we defined what we needed

– We chose Nordic Interim, because they have an office in the market we were interested in, i.e., Sweden. Moreover, their process is very thorough and complete.
At the beginning of a process it can be difficult to know what type of person is best suited to accomplish the mission. The profile emerged based on the discussions, and then the goals of what the interim were expected to achieve were set.
– Initially we thought that we needed an expert within our service sector, but we soon realized that it was more important that the individual had a broader perspective on how to develop a business and build a brand.
Within three weeks Nordic Interim provided us with eight different persons, four from Finland and four from Sweden. The vision became clearer over time and after the interviews, the company chose a Finn that was resident in Sweden, and who knew the local community.

Business development without major investments

-The plan and the implementation has been on schedule, and the new business in Sweden has begun. The interim manager was eventually employed, and became the company’s Country Manager responsible for building a nationwide organization and developing the business.
-By utilizing an interim manager, we have been able to look at a new market, without having to invest in expensive facilities, or personnel. I can really recommend the interim manager model, says the company president

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