Below you will find a selection of completed and ongoing assignments. For reasons of confidentiality we can only tell you about cases where our clients have given their pre-approval to publish them. Should you wish to discuss these in more detail you are more than welcome to contact us.

Turnaround of a Sales Company

Stefan Lind reversed the trend at HTC and kick-started growth. As part of the solution he hired two Executive Interim Managers who were tasked with turning around the sales companies in Germany and the US respectively.


Carry out a turn-around and study the market conditions

A Swedish international industrial company has for more than a decade operated in another European country without making any profits. Following an office move, the market share shrank. The owners decided to dismiss the previous CEO and appoint an interim in order to make a turn-around, and to investigate whether the operations in the country had any future.


Changing a Dysfunctional Sales Company

Swedish sales are faltering in an international European sales and production company. Established over one hundred years ago, the illustrious European company with a degree of technical specialisation has subsidiaries in many cities across several countries and is planning a reorganisation. An interim is given a six-month assignment to prepare for the transformation and to increase sales. However, it turned out that there were other problems at hand too.


CFO-function taken to a new level

A private equity firm has acquired a medium-sized service company and has identified shortcomings. Immediate implementation of a new reporting system, and annual reporting in accordance with IFRS is required. Time is too short to recruit a new CFO, and they hire a qualified interim CFO instead.