How implementing power is created in two of Sweden's biggest and most important initiatives

As part of the launch of Transformation Solutions, Nordic Interim invited to an event at Downtown Camper, Stockholm, with two highly experienced Interim Executives, Christer Mohlin and Joakim Kedbrant. They informed us about two of the largest initiatives currently under way in Sweden, where they also are responsible.

Many companies and organizations today face great challenges. The conversion to new customer requirements, new technology, new processes, new organizational structures or new business models is to an increasing extent taking place in programs / projects or as separate initiatives.

The transformation is often cross-functional and spans various functions, units and geography. An growing number of companies and organizations therefore need to engage independent leaders – Interim Executives, with a background as both consultants and line managers. They want to engage leaders who are used to pursuing major complex initiatives, that are solely loyal to the mission and take on a personal responsibility for the results.

Charlotta Kvarnström, Partner at Nordic Interim, told us about Transformation Solutions, a unique opportunity to engage specific competence to large, complex and temporary initiatives.

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