New demands on the leaders of tomorrow

Charlotta Kvarnström, partner Nordic Interim

Charlotta Kvarnström, partner Nordic Interim

Future leadership will be much more about creating together, coaching, generating commitment and encouraging knowledge sharing as well as lifelong learning. Technology development not only affects job tasks, but also the way we work. Competence mobility will increase and working life will be more enjoyable. The mobility between workplaces will increase. Being an Interim Manager will be a natural career path.

Read the article by Finnish-Swedish journalist Jonas Berg, who has met ten visionaries to find out more on trends and phenomena that will shape everyday life in 2019. The series is broadcast on Swedish Yle In this episode, Jens speaks to expert Ralf Blomqvist and Charlotta Kvarnström, partner at Nordic Interim, about the effects of automation and digitalization on the labour market.

Link to the (article in Swedish):

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