We offer leadership and execution expertise - Harald Linné, Managing Partner Atreus Germany

Harald Linné is CEO and co-founder of Atreus, one of the leading interim management firms in Europe and Nordic Interim’s partner i Germany. Having worked within management consulting at CSC and within the European Commission in Brussels, he became an interim Business Unit Manager for the international company Nemetscheck Group, a provider of digitalization in the construction industry. He managed to make the company No. 1 in their field in Germany. Focus was on change management, change leadership and making the European subsidiaries profitable.

Harald Linné, Atreus Germany

Harald Linné, Atreus Germany

“It was always about leadership issues and questions regarding empty positions. How and where do we find the expertise?” Learning that interim management could really infuse change, the right leadership and implementation force. He and his team broke out and founded Atreus. With 65 employees and a network with about 14,000 interim managers, they have a leading position in Germany with assignments that range from pure change management to CEO, CFO and other line manager roles.

“Interim Management is growing fast in Germany and the demand of leadership in times of transformation and change is steadily increasing. Having a project leader or line manager who can point out the direction and implement the transition is sought after. But you can’t achieve anything if you don’t have your team behind you – leadership skills are very important.”

Harald says that it is important to educate potential clients about interim management and the difference from buying a solution from a management consultancy company.

“You can use a management consultancy firm if you have a multi-billion company where you have to find a new direction, but we offer leadership- and execution expertise. That is totally different needs and solutions.”

Atreus is one of the founding partners of globalise, an international network of interim management firms. International assignments are a large part of Atreus’revenue, more than 10% comes from assignments in, e.g., France, Italy, China, and the Scandinavian countries. “globalise is the best international network within our industry, but our success is based on the quality of our partners, their engagement, advisory and their unique ability to find the right interim manager.”

Interim leaders must often solve large organizational problems and crises where change leadership skills are the key solution. “Of course, the interim manager must have a strong knowledge of their industry and function, an interim manager needs to be overqualified and senior, but still not too far from the business. He or she needs to be able to work operational and have a can-do-attitude. It is also important to have the ability to engage the organization and to get them onboard. Ability to stay calm and manage stakeholders is also very important.”