The Benefits of Interim Management


Interim management is an increasingly common and very effective solution to an organization’s need for flexibility, experience, and implementing power.

Incorporating a specific competence for a limited period can be a good solution for:

  • Organizational change

  • Integration or acquisition

  • A vacancy or long-term sick leave

  • When you really do not have time or advice to have an interruption in your business

With an interim manager, the business continues to function while solving a problem or making a permanent recruitment.

For our interim managers, each assignment is a new challenge, where they bring their experiences and competences from previous roles and can deliver immediate results.

When you as a client want to engage an interim manager, it is important to have a clear assignment description that gives a real value to the business and which is reasonable to reach.

Clear goals and a clear mandate are important for an interim manager to succeed. Is it a strategic or operational role? What are the most important competences?

Finally, carefully consider your expectations. Structures and teams should be put into place to continue to drive the change, as it’s vital that these achievements continue on past the interim manager’s tenure.

NewsAnn Johansson