An Interim Manager is less prestigious, a doer and a hard-core decision maker

A long and multifaceted career has given Ole Oftedal a great deal of experience of the interim sector. Over the years, he has employed 20-30 temporary specialists or experts, and himself worked as Interim Manager. He calls himself a change specialist – with an impressive resume – who dares to do things differently.

This is his seven reasons to hire an Interim Manager

1.Better and less expensive than a consultant Certainly, surveys are needed, but the answers and the information you need are always available if you listen to the organization. It’s more important to act than to do a fabulous analysis and to understand the details.

With consultant firms, you get a big team, and they would like to stay for as long as possible. An Interim Manager will cost less.

2. You can hire for a unique situation All assignments are unique. By hiring an interim you get cutting edge. Instead of getting an “everyday” manager, you get someone who can give exactly what you need right now. It will give you full flexibility! Sometimes you need to bring in new blood! There is always a need for an Interim Manager/ Specialist – such as digital development, sales or creating a new way of reporting or initiating behavioral changes.

3. 100 % focus on the task To be efficient, the interim should be a like an injection; A temporary job, a project or a special task. An interim will focus on the task and is invaluable in transformations, e.g., strategy projects, implementations or when I want to grow the business. We brought in experts to build up the business and control the routines. Little by little and step by step, we recruited the right skills for the long-term perspective.

4. Can be tougher than an employee A lot tasks can be delegated, but someone must be the decision maker. An Interim Manager can make the necessary decisions and make then faster. The most important difference is that an Interim Manager can cut to the point. An Interim Manager can be tougher and ignore internal politics, maybe even settle conflicts and challenge informal leaders.

5. Been there, done that To fulfill an assignment, the Interim Manager must have the experience and done it before – even failed a few times! An interim is not just a leader, but rather a commander. Not a friend, but one who will get results.

6. Less prestigious and a doer An Interim Managers follows the set target and stand beside the political games. They lead through management by doing and not be prestigious. Making mistakes is not the end of the world; Better to act than not to act. A seasoned Interim Manager is used to different settings and situations, not set in his or her mindset, and independent. If you work in the same organization for a long time you tend to get stuck in the same old tracks.

7. An interim provider sees my real needs Sometimes I may not know exactly what I need. Nordic Interim asks all the right questions, helping me to analyze what I need, which they then supply. Many headhunters are sloppy when finding out exactly the candidates experiences and qualities, forget references on what the person really have done according to their resume. Did the turnover increase over those four years, did the margin grow, was the acquisition successful, etc.? You can learn a lot by reading the numbers and not just study the references reviews.

I appreciate Nordic Interim’s way of creating good relations with their clients, there is a deep dialogue between the client and the Interim Manager so that they can get onboard together and get to know their candidates properly.

Never hired an Interim Manager? Try something new! You got nothing to lose!