Pioneer Executive Interim Managers are breaking new ground

Nordic Interim invited Executive Interim Manager to an evening at the Nobel Museum on the theme of innovation. The participants, both in and between assignments, exchanged experiences and discussed their views on innovative leadership in an industry that continues to grow.  In his opening speech, Björn Henriksson stated that the demand for successful professionals, capable of running time-limited, complicated projects only increases: – You are all part of engineering a new profession, and I’m struck by the collective expertise in this room.

Problem-solving and creativity

The theme of the evening was innovation, and the Nobel Museum's exhibition Idéer som förändrat världen (Ideas that changed the world) were presented to the participants at the event. The Nobel Laureates work in widely different fields, they often have more in common than one might think. Everyone received the price because they've solved a problem – hence creativity unites them. And hard work. Another theme in the exhibition was the importance of honesty, and that you cannot advance if you are too attached to your own theories.

– That caught my attention during the show, says Joakim Kedbrant, one of the participants, currently working on an interim assignment as Senior Program Manager Officer in the health care sector.

He tells us that it is a particularly complicated case, where several major stakeholders are involved.

– In my role, I just set the ground rules, that everyone need to follow, and to make sure everything is communicated to everyone. It is important to remain humble, especially initially you need to listen instead of telling how things should be done. Just listen.

Executive Interim Management – An adrenaline rush

Annika Muskantor emphasizes the importance of being curious and able to listen to succeed as an Interim Manager. After working 20 years in this sector, she should know. Right now, Annika has just completed a 20-month assignment as CFO at a high-tech company.

– It’s a bit of fun, my dad still asks if there isn’t anyone who wants to hire me, says Annika Muskantor laughing. But there are other individuals better at managing. I’m driven by change work and to create. My strength is to make things happen and I need to move forward. It is such an adrenaline kick to work like this, to constantly push myself and to gain new insights.

Annika Muskantor has chosen Nordic Interim because she believes they do the most thorough background controls in the industry.

– Nordic Interim is doing a solid job as it goes through both the company and the candidates. This is important because you often need to start an assignment without a proper handover. You may, e.g., need to replace someone that has fallen ill and need to leave the same day, she says.

Emerging trends in the industry

Many of the participants discussed industry trends and how they look at innovative leadership. What kind of skills will be required within the next few years? The forecasts are sweeping and abstract. The most obvious, and what most people seem to agree on, is that as a manager you must be prepared to adapt quickly and effectively to the occurring situation. Ossi Mörnesten is the interim CEO of an industrial service business and believes that the interim management industry is the future. Companies will work more and more in projects and acquire the skills needed specifically for a certain project. – To me, an innovative leadership means just being able to face a market that is constantly renewing itself, says Ossi Mörnesten.