Welcome to a new year!

Christmas and New Year holidays feels very far away. The year is well underway and it is noticeable all around us by our clients, which leads into full activity also for us.We can look back on 2015 as one of our most successful years, and we would like to give thanks both to our clients and all of our amazing Interim Managers. We ended 2015 at a speed of SEK 100 million and we have hired more staff.

Executive Interim Management is looking forward to a bright future. From time to time branch of industries change or are created when new solutions are proposed to well known problems. 20 years ago, Executive Search and Management Consulting gained momentum in Scandinavia and now it is now time for Executive Interim Management to take the stage. I have been working with the Innovation Management in a product company for almost 20 years and I appreciate to be part of the development of new services in this growth industry.

During the past year we have supported our national and international clients with their most critical challenges – to turn-around sales companies, make factories more efficient, open up new markets, build core functions, implement rationalizations, increase efficiency in R&D, managing large complex programs or temporarily fill critical management positions during important transition phases.

It is especially pleasing that more and more clients are contacting us instead of, as previously, management consultancy firms. They have sought advice based on experience and extra implementation power from individuals with a long and solid professional background. Our clients have sought for the security our leaders and experts, with more than 20 years’ experience who knows where the pitfalls are, can give. As one client told me last fall, “I do not need another analyse, what I need is wisdom and implementation force from experienced leaders” This trend was identified by us already during the fall of 2013 and we have now seen it blossom during 2015. To develop our offer to meet our clients’ needs is something that we will continue to work on.

Björn Henriksson, Managing Partner